Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Is Your Low Carb Diet?

So although Atkins version of low carb dieting is almost dead, there are tons of new low sugar, low carbohydrate diets always popping up in the weight loss section of the book store. My mom started a diet this week called "Belly Fat Cure" but is a sugar and carb counting diet, even with the word fat in the title!
The Belly Fat Cure

The South Beach Diet Supercharged

My girlfriend does South Beach style of low carb diet while I prefer Sommersize ..... so here is my question:

What low carb diet are you on?

Really, I want to know so I can aim the recipes in the right direction! Please tell me what version of low carb diet you use and what kind of recipes and knowledge you are looking for, then that is what I will blog about!

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Low Carb For The New Year

Okay, so I strung it out an extra couple days, eating through the food that I could no longer have on my low carb diet. I actually went through all the food I had in the house on new years day, gathering unopened items to donate to a local food bank as well as getting a bag for family of random open food. But there were a couple items that I just couldn't give away and just decided to eat them.
But now I am on my low carb diet and it's time to get serious!! One of the first things I do when starting my low carb diet is make a big pot of bean less low carb chili so I always have something filling to eat when I come home hungry! Here is a picture of my low carb chili with sour cream mixed in and pork rinds on top for some crunch!

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