Thursday, March 07, 2013

Low Carb Peperoni Pizza Snack Chips


Low Carb Pepperoni Pizza Chips

Place 7-8 pepperoni slices on a microwavable safe plate so they do not touch and cover with a slice of cheese. Microwave for one minute on high.

After 1 minute, use a fork to flip cheese so pepperoni side is up and microwave for 1 more minute.

It will be very hot and will not get crisp until it is completely cool so let it stand for at least one minute before handling. Break pieces up in between the pepperoni slices and enjoy.
The peperoni slices I use have one carb per 16 slices and the cheese had zero carbs per slice so this batch of low carb peperoni pizza chips is only .5 carbs per serving!

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